Friday, January 22, 2016

March for Life recap

Your president Kelsey Hazzard speaking. This has been, without a doubt, the strangest and most stressful March for Life I've ever attended. The anticipated blizzard cast a shadow over everything.

The East Coast Students for Life of America conference, which I was supposed to speak at, got cancelled. My flight to San Francisco—to speak at the West Coast conference on Sunday—also got cancelled. So the plan was to speak at two conferences, and now I'll be speaking at zero (unless they Skype me into West Coast, but let's be real: it's not the same).

"Disappointed" doesn't begin to describe it. "Crushed" comes closer. It all felt to me like the scene in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer where Santa announces that Christmas has been cancelled. Some small remnant of my childhood mind still hopes for Rudolph's glowing red nose to save the day. Of course, that didn't happen. My travel itinerary is so thoroughly FUBAR, I wound up marching with my suitcase! (Thank you, everyone who helped with that.)

And yet... the March for Life came. It came without as many people. It came without sunshine. It came without the SFLA conference. What if the March for Life, perhaps, means a little bit more? (I know, I'm mixing my animated Christmas classics metaphor. Deal with it.)

Here are a few of my favorite pictures. You can view them all here.

In conclusion, I have an unusual request. I'd like for you to make a donation—but not to Secular Pro-Life. The East Coast conference is Students for Life of America's biggest event of the year, and the fact that they had to cancel it means that they are getting hammered financially. Please help them out with whatever gift you can afford.

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