Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Exciting news!

Secular Pro-Life is very excited to co-sponsor two amazing pro-life conferences!

The Life/Peace/Justice Conference will be held from Friday, April 22 to Sunday, April 24 at Villanova University in Philadelphia. This is a consistent life ethic conference, covering not only abortion, but also war, the death penalty, end-of-life issues, etc. It's organized by our dear friends at the Life Matters Journal. (The L/P/J conference comes every two years. We went in 2014 and it was awesome.)

Secular Pro-Life's president, Kelsey Hazzard, will speak in two breakout sessions. Tentatively, one will be on how to make your pro-life activism secular-friendly, and the other will be on the Hyde Amendment.

The Pro-Life Women's Conference will be held from Friday, June 24 to Sunday, June 26 in Dallas:
At this event by WOMEN and FOR WOMEN, we are coming together to proclaim that women's empowerment cannot be attained by the oppression of other human beings. We are reclaiming the narrative of women's empowerment; we are reclaiming our voice as the grassroots of the pro-life movement. Join us for three days of powerful presentations, fellowship, friendship, and fun that promises to be unrivaled and unforgettable.
This is the first conference of its kind, and we can't wait! Kelsey will speak on pro-life apologetics.

Both conferences present an amazing opportunity for Secular Pro-Life to meet with and encourage non-Christian pro-lifers, help religious pro-lifers improve their outreach to broad audiences, and promote our upcoming projects (including the one related to the Hyde Amendment that I've been hinting at for months now but still can't discuss publicly—I won't keep you waiting forever, I promise!).

But here's the best part.

Both conferences are being held on weekends, including Sundays. The conference organizers have accommodated Christian participants by scheduling Sunday morning church services. But they recognized that these conferences are likely to attract non-Christian participants (good job!) so they reached out to Secular Pro-Life, asking us to sponsor an activity for the non-churchgoers on Sunday morning.

And so we bring you...

At both conferences, you can have free breakfast and mingle with your like-minded non-Christian defenders of life. Our online community is great, but we know it can get lonely behind a screen, and we're excited to facilitate some IRL socializing. We also hope that this will become a pattern for future pro-life conferences, as the movement grows more diverse.

Registration is now open for both conferences. We hope to see you there!

P.S.—We need your help to make event sponsorships successful. If you like what Secular Pro-Life is doing, please donate. We appreciate gifts of any size. Thank you!

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