Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Video: Presentation at Nicholls State University

SPL president Kelsey Hazzard here. On Monday night, I offered my "Pro-Life Without God" presentation to Nicholls State University students. Video is now up:

The audience was entirely pro-life, which is unusual; typically pro-choicers will come to debate or just out of curiosity. But Nicholls is in a very pro-life part of the country, with no local abortion businesses, in the very pro-life state of Louisiana. Some credit should go to Nicholls Students for Life as well, for the great work they do to foster a culture of life on their campus. Thanks for having us, NS4L!

Here's where you'll find us next:
Life/Peace/Justice Conference, Philadelphia, PA, April 22-24
Pro-Life Women's Conference, Houston, TX, June 24-26

Want to bring a Secular Pro-Life speaker to your school or community group? Contact us!

The lecture hall was actually part of the football stadium,
so here's how a couple of NS4L officers and I celebrated
the success of the event.

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