Monday, March 28, 2016

A Busy Week for State-Level Pro-Life Legislation

The Indiana state capitol

At the national level, things look bleak for the pro-life movement. The Supreme Court hangs in the balance. It appears increasingly likely that the presidential contest will be between Trump and Clinton, neither of whom would be a friend to preborn children and their mothers. Abortionists continue maiming women with impunity. It's easy to get depressed.

And yet...

All politics is local, and pro-lifers are doing amazing work in their communities. Here's what happened just in the last week:

40 Days for Life announced that its recently concluded campaign saved 471 babies saved from abortion, that they know of.

Indiana banned discriminatory abortions targeting the baby because of disability, race, or sex. It also instituted an admitting privileges requirement for abortionists.

Florida prohibited state agencies from contracting with abortion businesses (including Planned Parenthood), strengthened abortion record inspections, and like Indiana, enacted an admitting privileges measure. 

Several pro-life measures made progress in the Arizona legislature, including a requirement that the abortion pill regimen be used only as approved by the FDA, in an effort to curb abortionists' dangerous practice of prescribing the regimen during the fetal (rather than embryonic) stage.

Abortion industry, take note: we are not backing down.

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