Tuesday, May 24, 2016

"Just don't have sex"

A pro-choice friend shared this tweet recently, via Women's Rights News on facebook:

Well, Jessica, that day has arrived. SPL has never been an abstinence-only organization, but we are totally comfortable saying that men who are unprepared to deal with fatherhood should not have sex.

This statement is hardly revolutionary. Men are capable of self-control, after all. To suggest otherwise is to perpetuate rape culture. Surely, if we can insist that men abstain in the absence of mutual consent to avoid the trauma of rape, we can also insist that men abstain in the absence of readiness to parent or make an adoption plan to avoid the destruction of human life.

We're not even asking for total abstinence. Not all forms of sex lead to conception. Oral sex is still on the table. Try mutual masturbation. Try anything that won't send the little swimmers on the path to an egg.

Contraception is, of course, also an option. If you are not looking to become a father at the moment, but are a decent enough human being to step up to the plate on the 1% chance you do conceive, and you've had that conversation with your partner, then very well. 

But if you're the sort of scumbag who would demand an abortion from your partner in the event of an unplanned pregnancy, you have a very important role to play in reducing the abortion rate: just don't have sex.

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