Monday, July 18, 2016

#HelloHyde Campaign Launches Today

For months, we've hinted at an upcoming campaign to support the Hyde Amendment. Today, we finally go public. Our press release is below.

The short version: we are going to flood the internet with photos of people who have been born through the Medicaid program. These are the voices that matter most, because a significant fraction of young Medicaid recipients would be dead today if not for the Hyde Amendment. In fact, the Hyde Amendment is credited with preventing over a million abortions.

The big event is September 30 (the 40th anniversary of the Hyde Amendment's enactment), but we need your help today. Here are three things you can do right now to support #HelloHyde:
  1. Ask your parents if you were born through the Medicaid program. If the answer is yes, get your #HelloHyde name tag and submit your photo at!
  2. Tell your friends about #HelloHyde. If you have a large group wanting to participate in the photo campaign, we can send you bulk name tags. Contact us at 
  3. Sign up for email updates at
  4. Make a donation so we can reach more people through paid advertising. 
For the abortion lobby, every person whose life is saved by the Hyde Amendment represents a financial loss. It's no surprise the Hyde Amendment is under constant attack. We cannot be silent. Thank you so much for your dedication.


Pro-life advocates led by Medicaid recipients announced the launch of #HelloHyde, a social media campaign to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Hyde Amendment. The Hyde Amendment, which restricts taxpayer funding of abortion through the Medicaid program, has prevented over a million abortions since its enactment in 1976.

The #HelloHyde campaign features photographs of people born through the Medicaid program over the past forty years.  Medicaid recipients can submit their photos at

“I received Medicaid care as a baby, so the Hyde Amendment is incredibly important to me,” said #HelloHyde spokeswoman Gina Mallica. “Low-income children deserve a chance at life, not a government-subsidized death.”

Fellow spokeswoman Stargift Thomas, who was born through the Medicaid program in 1991, agreed. “For forty years, the Hyde Amendment has affirmed that lives like mine are worth living,” she said.

The fortieth anniversary of the Hyde Amendment will take place on September 30, 2016.

The Hyde Amendment is an annual rider to the federal budget.  It prohibits federal funding of abortion through the Medicaid program, with exceptions for rape and the life of the mother.  It has passed Congress with bipartisan support every year since 1976.

But the longstanding compromise between pro- and anti-abortion groups has been threatened in recent months.  Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has called for the repeal of the Hyde Amendment, and repeal is also a plank in the proposed Democratic party platform.

“The repeal efforts are offensive to the many Americans who owe their lives to the Hyde Amendment,” Mallica said. “The #HelloHyde campaign puts faces to this life-or-death issue.”

But despite well-funded opposition, #HelloHyde campaigners are optimistic.

“This is a time to celebrate,” Thomas said. “The Hyde Amendment has saved over a million lives and we are confident that it will save many more in the future.”

The #HelloHyde campaign is coordinated by Secular Pro-Life, an organization that unites people of every faith and no faith to promote the right to life.

Say #HelloHyde to Stargift. She is a pagan priestess and a student aspiring to be a nurse midwife (CNM). She is a pro-life activist, LGBT supporter, and Afrocentric advocate.

Say #HelloHyde to Gina. She is the daughter of Cuban immigrants and became a pro-life activist while attending the University of Florida.
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