Wednesday, July 27, 2016

When Pro-Life Meets Pop Culture

I don't watch much TV, but my roommate has been on a Futurama kick lately, and by extension I am too. I realize I'm several years late, and I'm hardly an expert on the Futurama universe yet, but I've enjoyed what I've seen so far—and I'm convinced that there's at least one very clever pro-lifer on the Futurama writing staff. I base this conclusion on two scenes.

In "A Tale of Two Santas," (S3, E3) Bender faces execution. The executioner tells Bender that the execution device will "tear you limb from limb, killing you in the most humane possible manner." Bender protests that this "doesn't sound humane."

Into the Wild Green Yonder, a Futurama full-length film, involves an evil developer who plans to bulldoze a significant portion of galaxy to build the universe's largest "miniature" golf course. Professor Farnsworth has been bribed by the developer to conduct a sham environmental study. When he accidentally uncovers life on one of the planets targeted for demolition, he declares "Ohh, twaddle-squat. There's no scientific consensus that life is important."

I know Futurama isn't the only show to sneak in some counter-cultural messages in support of the preborn child, so let's turn it over to you. What are your favorite examples of subversive pro-life messaging in TV, film, and music?

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