Monday, August 22, 2016

Some unborn children in the UK get a lucky break

From what I can gather, Marie Stopes is basically the UK's version of Planned Parenthood. Except that Planned Parenthood would engage in a multi-million dollar lawsuit rather than allow this:

From the Telegraph
From the BBC
From the Guardian

Inspectors found that Marie Stopes failed to ensure that teenage abortion customers were giving informed consent, and also found that Marie Stopes' anesthesia protocols for abortions after the first trimester put patients at risk. This amounts to 250 abortions per week, according to the BBC.

First-trimester abortions on adult mothers will continue. Some mothers will go to competing abortion businesses such as BPAS (and infuriatingly, the National Health Service is actively facilitating the process of rescheduling abortion appointments). But the unexpected reprieve for at least a few unborn babies is certainly welcome.

It is not clear how long this state of affairs will last, but we know it won't be up to Marie Stopes. "The Government has also informed Marie Stopes International that Ministers will not give approval for further clinics to offer termination services until the [Care Quality Commission] are satisfied that their concerns have been fully addressed," reports the Telegraph.

The Guardian notes that "abortion providers and campaigners fear that the inspectorate’s action and closure of services could undermine the pro-choice cause." Guess you should've thought about that before you did unsafe second-trimester abortions on teenagers without their informed consent.

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