Friday, September 30, 2016

Join the celebration!

[Cross-posted from the #HelloHyde campaign]
Today is the day we've all been waiting for: the 40th anniversary of the Hyde Amendment! It's easy to be part of the celebration. Tweet using the hashtag #HelloHyde.
Our mission is simple: demonstrate the life-saving power of the Hyde Amendment by putting the faces of Medicaid kids front and center. We need your help to amplify the message. Here are some suggestions to get started:
  • Tweet photos of Medicaid kids directly from
  • If you were born through the Medicaid program, get your #HelloHyde nametag and tweet a photo of your own!
  • Tweet state-by-state Hyde Amendment statistics directly from
  • Tweet quotes from our press release.
  • Tweet key findings from the recently published Charlotte Lozier Institute study:
    • The Hyde Amendment has saved 2.13 million lives, or roughly 1 out of every 200 Americans.
    • If you were born through the Medicaid program in a state where the Hyde Amendment was in effect, there is a 1 in 9 chance the Hyde Amendment saved your life.
  • Retweet from Secular Pro-Life, the Charlotte Lozier Institute, the March for Life, and other pro-life organizations participating in the #HelloHyde tweetfest.
  • Get creative! Using the 1 in 200 statistic, estimate how many people at your school or workplace are alive today because of the Hyde Amendment. Link to blog posts and news articles about threats to the Hyde Amendment. Talk about what the Hyde Amendment means to you.
The people here today because of the Hyde Amendment are worth celebrating. We will not back down!

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