Monday, September 19, 2016

Join Pro-Life Humanists at the Women in Secularism conference this weekend

The Women in Secularism conference will be held in Arlington, VA this weekend, from Friday, September 23 through Sunday, September 25. The conference will cover a wide array of worthy topics, including the tension between safe spaces and free expression, a panel on "Women and Science," and a presentation about women resisting ISIS.

But sadly, this conference refuses to recognize the existence of millions of non-religious pro-life women. The conference homepage characterizes laws protecting the right to life as "the intrusion of religious dogma on women's lives," reflecting a false stereotype about pro-life motivations. Pro-choice author Katha Pollitt will speak on Sunday afternoon, and if her previous writings are any indication, she will reinforce that false characterization of who pro-lifers are.

If you're a secular pro-life woman and you're tired of being misrepresented—show up! I'm pleased to report that although Secular Pro-Life is unable to make it, our friends from Pro-Life Humanists will be there. Look for Kristine Kruszenicki (pictured right). Registration is just $50 for students. Unfortunately, it's close to $250 for non-students... which is more than a little ironic considering that one of the presentations is entitled "Class and the Secular Movement: Why Class Matters."

But I digress. Bashing pro-choice obliviousness may be fun, but it's not particularly productive. The real key is to develop respectful relationships, and that starts with face-to-face time. Kudos to Pro-Life Humanists for making that happen.

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