Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Two major pro-life events this Saturday

On Saturday, September 10, abortion promoters are holding concerts in several cities to "make abortion access a reality." It's not a fundraiser, interestingly; tickets are free. Evidently email addresses and photos of a crowd of people rallying for the cause are more valuable to them at the moment than money... even though they have to bribe those crowds with a free concert. (That's cute. Come back when you have hundreds of thousands of people willingly coming together to march through the snow on an annual basis.)

The most significant concert will take place at the Wolstein Center in Cleveland, just fifteen minutes from the Preterm abortion business that killed 22-year-old Lakisha Wilson and her baby in a botched abortion in 2014. Sia is the headliner.

Students for Life of America is organizing a protest to ensure that the media sees young people who don't buy into the pro-abortion hype. Secular Pro-Life's officers are unable to make it to Cleveland, but we strongly encourage our members to participate. If you go, we particularly encourage you to carry a sign memorializing the Wilsons, or, if applicable, a sign identifying yourself as a non-religious pro-lifer. (Additional sign ideas are available here.) If you can't attend in person, your donations to Students for Life of America are appreciated.

September 10 is also the National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children. Over the years, as pro-lifers have recovered the remains of abortion victims, those remains have been interred at sites around the country. There are 50 abortion victim burial sites and several hundred non-interment memorials in the United States. 149 sites will host a memorial service on Saturday. Note that the memorial services are likely to include prayer and other religious content. However, people of every religious faith and none can participate in this remembrance by leaving flowers at their nearest grave or memorial.

It's possible to do both. There is a grave for abortion victims in Sandusky, OH, just an hour from Cleveland. No memorial service is scheduled there, so you can go any time. The Cleveland protest doesn't start until 5:00 p.m.

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