Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Pro-Life Resource for Prematurity Awareness Month

November is Prematurity Awareness Month, and a great opportunity for pro-life advocates to extend our compassion to babies born too soon. Although modern medicine has made great strides and the age of viability outside the womb is lower than ever before, preterm birth remains a serious health concern.

Premature birth can strike anyone; in many cases, the cause is unknown. However, research has uncovered some risk factors. Among them: tobacco use, lack of prenatal care, and previous induced abortions. 

That last factor is, of course, a political lightening rod. But women deserve to know the truth. 

The evidence for the abortion-preterm birth link is overwhelming. It appears in countries with vastly disparate cultural attitudes about abortion, in data uncovered in the course of exploring other hypotheses, and in meta-analyses. The abortion lobby can't dismiss the body of research as the work of one or two random scientists with a political agenda. 

To publicize this information, Secular Pro-Life created the Prevent Preterm campaign at There, you'll find an easy-to-understand summary of the medical literature on abortion and preterm birth, as well as information on other preventable risk factors and where to find affordable care in your community. You can also learn from the stories of mothers who have experienced preterm birth after abortion. 

Secular Pro-Life is very proud of our work on Prevent Preterm, and we hope you will use it as a valuable resource to prevent both abortions and premature births. One very simple way you can help is to share Prevent Preterm graphics on social media. Who knows? You could save a life!

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