Monday, November 28, 2016

The Election Isn't Over Yet

Foster Campbell, left, and John Kennedy, right

I have terrible news for you: the election isn't over. No, I'm not talking about Jill Stein's recount. I'm talking about the runoff election for Louisiana's next Senator, pitting State Treasurer John Kennedy (R) against Public Service Commissioner and former state senator Foster Campbell (D).

The good news? Mr. Kennedy has the endorsement of National Right to Life, while Mr. Campbell has the endorsement of Democrats for Life of America.

Louisiana is a bright spot for those of us who want a bipartisan pro-life movement. The state is so strongly pro-life that it's practically impossible for abortion supporters to successfully run for office. Its current governor, John Bel Edwards, is a pro-life Democrat. (It's also the state where Democratic legislator Katrina Jackson, who is black, championed an abortion facility regulation bill; Planned Parenthood spokeswoman Melissa Fournoy responded with threatening and borderline racist comments about her, because of course.)

How nice it must be to be able to vote based on a wide range of economic and social concerns, without having to immediately exclude a major candidate for condoning mass slaughter!

Indeed, abortion doesn't seem to be a focal point in this election. Neither candidate features it on their website. Mr. Kennedy's website doesn't even have an "Issues" page, only a hard-to-search blog; Mr. Campbell's issues page contains no mention of abortion, but does devote space to disability rights, which is promising. Less promising: Mr. Campbell apparently failed to respond to Louisiana Right to Life's questionnaire.

Mr. Kennedy is favored to win, but we've seen how little that counts for. Early voting has begun and the race will conclude on December 10.

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