Monday, November 14, 2016

Want a free pro-life speaker?

Above: SPL speaker Monica Snyder addresses a pro-life youth rally

Secular Pro-Life has long recognized the importance of student outreach. As a result, we have never charged an honorarium to campus groups. However, for financial reasons, we have required student organizations to cover cost of travel for SPL speakers. Also, since SPL is entirely volunteer-run and our speakers have day jobs, scheduling has been an issue.

Recently, a few groups have gotten around these hurdles that by hosting SPL presentations via Skype, making it absolutely 100% free. We're excited to do more Skype talks in the future!

In our experience so far, this works best with smaller audiences. For larger groups, it's tricky to coordinate Skype and other visuals like a powerpoint at the same time. But we will continue to learn by doing and work out the kinks. Even with smaller presentations, you can magnify the impact by inviting your student newspaper to cover it, like Tigers for Life did at Trinity University in San Antonio. (Good job, guys!)

If you are a leader of a student pro-life organization and you're interested in having a free Secular Pro-Life speaker, you can email us at and/or come by the SPL exhibit booth at the Students for Life of America national conferences in January.

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