Thursday, December 29, 2016

Top Ten Articles of 2016

The most-read articles on this blog for 2016 are...

10. The Canadian March for Life, Tomatoes, and Progress. Guest blogger Alan Trahan reports from the Canadian March for Life, where he carried his "We're Here, We're Queer, We're Pro-Life" sign. He says: "It was an amazing crowd, with an opening address by an Algonquin elder and attendees including both robed brothers of the Missionaires del'Evangile and the president of the Pro-Life Humanists." Unfortunately, the counter-protesters weren't so welcoming...

9. Bad Abortion-Choice Science. This guest post by Clinton Wilcox was only posted last week, but still managed to make the list. Nice job!

8. To My Daughter's First Parents. Guest blogger Crystal Kupper hits us in the feels with her family's international adoption story. "You did the hard thing and chose to give this daughter life, fully knowing your country could not provide for her medically. Even with all those 'What ifs...' and 'I don't knows' looming over your future. You gave your body and love to a child whom you knew could never share your home or your last name.

7. "Just Don't Have Sex." Jessica Valenti thinks male abstinence doesn't have a role in the pro-life movement. Au contraire. While SPL embraces contraception as part of the abortion reduction toolkit, abstinence belongs in the toolkit too, and not just for women. "Surely, if we can insist that men abstain in the absence of mutual consent to avoid the trauma of rape, we can also insist that men abstain in the absence of readiness to parent or make an adoption plan to avoid the destruction of human life."

6. Scientists discover "flash of light" at conception, immediately use it to decide which embryos to kill. UGH, seriously?

5. Four Terrible, Yet Common, Pro-Life Arguments. You might only get one chance to persuade someone. Don't waste it with a bad argument.

4. Racist creeps reject the pro-life message. Yay! 2016 saw renewed attention to white supremacist groups (some of which adopted the "alt-right" label). The potential that these groups could have any influence in the next presidential administration is extraordinarily disturbing. Their racism carries over into strong support for abortion, in the name of "racial hygiene." Be on the lookout in 2017.

3. 7 things pro-lifers wish our pro-choice friends understood about us. Pro-lifers come in every race, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion (and lack thereof), and political persuasion. And that's just the first thing! This is a great introduction for people who are unfamiliar with the pro-life movement and have only heard the stereotypes.

2. More evidence that most late-term abortions are elective. This was a follow-up to our #1 post of the year, which was...

1. No, most late-term abortions are not medically necessary. They may not be a large percentage of abortions, but tens of thousands of late-term abortions still take place every year—many on babies who have the ability to feel pain. With multiple states considering 20-week abortion limits, this was a hot topic in 2016. It turns out that the same socioeconomic factors driving early abortions drive late-term abortions too.

Several of our top 2016 articles came from guest authors. Want to get in on that in 2017? Review our submission guidelines here.

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