Friday, February 3, 2017

Today in pro-life history

Today marks the 35th anniversary of a gruesome discovery.

On February 3, 1982, the Martin Container Company repossessed a storage container for non-payment. Upon opening the container, workers discovered the remains of 16,433 abortion victims.

Abortion advocates reacted by going to court to block pro-lifers from offering memorial services, lest the babies be "humanized." So if you thought NARAL's bizarro reaction to last year's Super Bowl ad featuring the unborn baby who loves Doritos was a new and different manifestation of abortion extremism... nope. Nothing new under the sun.

They also argued that a dignified burial would violate the separation of church and state. (If only Secular Pro-Life had existed at the time!) Local officials called the bluff by selecting a secular mortuary, while pro-life religious groups conducted a separate ceremony. That got the ACLU off their case, but an abortion business continued the legal battle, which it eventually lost.

Today, the children are buried in Odd Fellows Cemetery in Los Angeles, CA. They were laid to rest with a eulogy written by then-President Ronald Reagan.

Via Abortion Memorials

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