Friday, March 3, 2017

Graduate students love us

That's an odd headline, but hear me out. Just in the last few weeks, Secular Pro-Life has been contacted by four graduate students (including a Ph.D. candidate), from four different schools, who are researching various aspects of the pro-life movement in the context of various academic disciplines. I've been interviewed about everything from SPL's legislative priorities to how SPL uses twitter.

I don't want to spend too much time navel-gazing—after all, we have lives to save—but I'm always happy to give my time to student interviews. Academic attention is important. Yes, the common knowledge that academia leans left is supported by ample evidence. But that doesn't mean we should throw up our hands and refuse to contribute to our own history as its being written. Besides, not everyone in academia leans left, and let's not forget about left-leaning pro-lifers!

As outlets like Slate and Marie Claire come to the sudden realization that the pro-life movement, constituting roughly half the U.S. population, is not solely made up of old white men/Catholics/Trump supporters/fill-in-the-stereotype, there seems to be a surge of interest in who pro-lifers really are, how we think, and where we're going from here. It's neat to see graduate students take up those questions.

So if you're looking for a topic for your thesis or dissertation, shoot us an email. There is still much to cover.

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