Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Handicapped people lead great lives

[Today's guest post is by Lizzy Cannon. She recently founded Make Ableism Wrong Again.]

As a teen living with Spina Bifida, I hear arguments from the pro choice community about how people born with handicaps will have “horrible lives”. I’m here to explain that that is a GIANT LOAD OF BLEGH.

Unfortunately, I have noticed how doctors usually give the worst case scenario about life with Spina Bifida. I have the worst form,called myelomeningocele. I wasn’t supposed to walk, but I have never even used a wheelchair (besides for long shopping trips and amusement park visits). Yet abortion advocates think that the majority of people with handicaps can’t do anything. People with my handicaps who use wheelchairs to get around have also accomplished wonderful things. A wheelchair is a source of freedom and independence for many people. Most people with handicaps lead wonderful lives, yet the pro-choice community continues to discriminate against us.

Our handicaps should not be a death sentence. You have no idea what a handicapped person will accomplish if you don’t give them a chance. We can have our own homes, drive, get married, have friends, get a job, get an education, and despite many people thinking we can’t, we can indeed have sex. A handicapped person is not a burden. Many programs exist to help parents of handicapped kids. But... what upsets me is, my continence supplies are super expensive! We shouldn’t have to spend a bunch of extra money to get the supplies we kinda sorta need so we don’t die or get some crazy infection in our private parts.

I want to tell you that having a handicap is not all bad. I can play instruments, play adaptive sports (there are sports created for handicapped people, cool eh?), crochet, ride a bike. I love to inspire people. If you are carrying an unborn child with any handicap, I want you to know that you are badass. You can do anything. Your child will accomplish great things and inspire people. You will find love anywhere, and there are people who will support you no matter what. I promise. Give them a chance at life; I promise you it is so worth it.

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