Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Planned Parenthood's latest report: more abortions, less health care

Student activists at a #SockIt2PP rally
Planned Parenthood just released its 2015-2016 annual report. Since its annual report is usually released in January, countless pro-life leaders publicly predicted that Planned Parenthood's numbers wouldn't support its political narrative. And what do you know? The pro-life movement was absolutely right.

Here's the 2015-2016 report, the 2014-2015 report, and a breakdown of key statistics:
  • 2.4 million patients, a decline of 100,000 over last year.
  • 321,700 breast exams (NOT mammograms) performed, a decline of 42,103 over last year.
  • 2,808,815 contraceptive services, a decline of 136,244 over last year.
  • 9,419 prenatal care services, a decline of 8,000 over last year.
  • 328,348 abortions, an increase of 4,349 over last year.
  • In addition, there is a new line item this year, "miscarriage care" (2,073 provided), which may be a covert reference to abortion.
One last number, with a huge caveat: I don't trust the number of unintended pregnancies Planned Parenthood claims to prevent, because it doesn't disclose its formula for calculating this and historically the number has had no discernable relationship to Planned Parenthood's provision of contraceptives. However, it's worth noting that Planned Parenthood claims to have prevented 557,672 unplanned pregnancies in 2015, which is a decline of 21,009 from the 578,681 unplanned pregnancies it claimed to have prevented in 2014.

As expected, Planned Parenthood continues to follow the same pattern we've seen over the past decade: a decline in legitimate health care, and an increased focus on abortion. The rise in abortions from 2014 to 2015 may seem modest, but it comes against the backdrop of a plummeting abortion rate. Planned Parenthood is maximizing its share of the abortion market. Meanwhile, as Planned Parenthood backs away from responding to low-income women's real needs, regional charitable healthcare providers like the ones featured at are forced to pick up the slack.

Other highlights from the latest report:
  • Planned Parenthood obtained 41% of its revenue from "government health services reimbursements and grants." Its total annual revenue was $1.14 billion dollars.
  • The 2015-2016 report works very, very hard to whitewash the organization's racist roots, beginning with a section entitled "History of Our Movement" which claims that Margaret Sanger opened a clinic in Harlem "in response to many black women being denied access to health and social services" (ignoring her well-documented eugenicist motives); highlights its first president of color in 1989; and claims that "women of color ignite[d] the reproductive justice movement" in 1994. There is also a section of the report, "Fueling the Movement" (beginning on page 17), devoted to "combating ... anti-abortion tactics that target Black women" and infiltrating the strongly pro-life Latinx community.
  • Planned Parenthood brags about having 300 campus groups—paling in comparison to 1,140 Students for Life of America campus groups!
  • It spent about $4 million on efforts to "refresh our brand."

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