Friday, June 30, 2017

Planned Parenthood Closings in California by Michelle Rodriguez

Three Planned Parenthood clinics located in Vacaville, Pittsburg, and central Richmond, California are scheduled to be shut down this summer. This news comes shortly after the release of the organization’s annual report which showed a sharp decline in services such as cancer screenings, STD testing, and contraceptive care. Prior to closing, the Pittsburg location was open only a few days a week because of the absence of patients.  

Planned Parenthood Northern California’s spokeswoman, Miriam Gerace explained to The Sacramento Bee that the clinics are shutting down largely due to low Medicaid reimbursement rates. As a result, State Treasurer John Chiang announced lawmaker’s plans to allocate $20 million dollars to local reproductive health clinics. “The Community Clinic Lifeline Grant Program,” his office says, “will help small or rural nonprofit clinics, including Planned Parenthood clinics, keep their doors open and provide critical services,”

PPNC is specifically shutting urban centers because they admit that their patients there already have other nearby clinics to rely on. According to Gerace, the organization is planning on expanding their services at rural clinics.

Pro-life leaders in the state believe that much of the reason for these clinics closing is due to an increasing popularity of affordable, comprehensive healthcare providers that offer reproductive health services. There are over 35 Federally Qualified Health Centers within 10 miles of these three clinics. In fact, in the Vacaville location, there is a competing, accessible provider in the same building! 

Planned Parenthood is showing signs of hurting even in states with allied politicians. While they lobby, we will continue to support nonviolent health clinics for the people that need them. We encourage you to donate to authentic women's healthcare at

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