Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Robyn's Story

[Today's guest post by Feleica Langdon is part of our paid blogging program. Feleica is a provincial pro-life speaker in Newfoundland and the regional coordinator in NL of Campaign Life Coalition working alongside the provincial coordinator, Margaret Hynes.]

In January 2016, Robyn Power of Newfoundland, Canada found out she was expecting her son Thomas. Her little family was growing, and she couldn't have been more excited.

Her first ultrasound came back normal and so did her second one a few months later.

But not long after her second ultrasound, she received a call from the hospital. To her dismay, they broke the news to her that her son may not make it. He had a blockage in his heart and the chances of him living without needing a transplant were very slim. They sent her to a specialist in St. Johns so they could set up a good team for when her son was born to prepare for his open heart surgery.

However, there was even more bad news! The doctors told her that Thomas had the marker for Down Syndrome and asked if she wanted to have an abortion.

Robyn stood her ground and refused to take his life, telling the doctors that she was going to love him no matter how he was born.

A few weeks later, Robyn received even more bad news. The doctors told her that Thomas had stopped growing; and once again, they asked her if she wanted to terminate.

Robyn stood her ground and continued her pregnancy. Thomas was due on September 18th, but was born on the 7th—two days after his mom's birthday.

She was so scared and unprepared for what was going to happen. Many questions flooded her mind; what was she going to have to face?

But Thomas was born a healthy, bouncing 7 pound baby with a strong heart—and without Down Syndrome. Thomas had been MISDIAGNOSED!

Robyn says: "He is the most perfect little man around if I had listen to those doctors that perfect little man wouldn't be here today!! I'm so glad I stood my ground and kept going." Thomas is now ten months old.

I often wonder how many babies are aborted because of misdiagnoses. Like Robyn, we owe it to our children to give them a chance instead of relying on hypothetical medical opinion of what our children's lives are going to be like. After all, doctors are human. And so are our pre-born babies!

Robyn and Thomas

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