Friday, October 13, 2017

Pro-life events in Champaign and Pittsburgh!

Tonight, I will be on an airplane, making my way to the Students for Life of Illinois conference at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign! I'm especially excited to meet some wonderful Chicago-area film students who are working to bring my pro-life screenplay to fruition. If you're at the conference, stop by the Secular Pro-Life exhibit booth to say hello and take some free goodies.

A week from today, I will be on yet another airplane, headed to Pittsburgh, PA for the fantastic Life/Peace/Justice conference, organized by our dear friends at Rehumanize International. SPL volunteer extraordinaire Terrisa Bukovinac will be there too!

You can stop by our booth, and also attend my presentation. I will be speaking at the 2:15 p.m. breakout session on Saturday, October 21, and my topic is "Maximizing the Pro-Life Reach: Pro-Life Apologetics from a Secular Perspective."

Izzy speaks at last year's LPJ conference
The speaker lineup this year is most impressive. My other breakout session picks will probably be Jennifer Allison on the Syrian refugee crisis, Cessilye Smith on racism in healthcare, and Ismail "Izzy" Smith Wade-El on poverty. But all the possibilities are incredible; you really can't go wrong.

On the evening of October 21, we will celebrate the launch of Create|Encounter, which is a new Rehumanize International initiative focused on giving artists of all stripes (poets, essayists, visual artists, you name it) a forum for works that elevate human rights and dignity. This is a unique opportunity to interact with creative pro-lifers! And not to brag, but one of the works being featured at the launch is an excerpt from the screenplay I previously mentioned; you can read the excerpt here and come prepared to ask me questions about the film.

Hope to see you soon!

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