Friday, December 22, 2017

A pro-life Christian interviews a pro-life atheist

[Today's guest post is by pro-life Christian Feleica Langdon of Life Defenders.]

Crisis pregnancies do not discriminate; people from all walks of life bear the weight of their uncertain circumstances. It can challenge the strongest of wills, and lead that vulnerable person to a decision they would have not have made otherwise.

We want to make sure we are able to reach as many people as possible, and the secular approach reaches everyone, regardless of religious affiliation or lack thereof. It shifts the focus from “saving souls” to saving lives. Regardless if you believe these women “need Jesus,” that will not reach those who are currently at a point in their lives where they can’t relate. It also will not reach unwed pregnant women who we are already terrified of being shunned by their church peers; the last thing they need to hear is an activist tell them to “Repent” of their wicked ways.
Albany Rose

A crisis pregnancy is not another opportunity for conversion and to tell them that “God will provide.” Instead, it is an opportunity to tell women how valuable they and their unborn children are by leading them to concrete solutions.

As Albany Rose, a post-abortive, pro-life atheist, so articulately states:
When humans are in a tough position and we are already bombarded with things that we do not relate to or feel threatened by, we are more likely to continue on the path we are on, regardless if it’s the correct one, simply because fear or anger—sometimes both—override the sense of understanding. Meet women where they are, not where you feel comfortable.
When a firefighter comes to a fire, he’s not going to be armed with insurance papers, he is going to be equipped with his suit, water, and a hose to combat the fire first. I know if I saw both of these firefighters, I would run to the person that was there to help me save my house and the people inside.  Christian-based signs on the sidewalk reaches a narrow audience, but signs like “We Know Local Resources, Come Talk To Us” have such a wide-range drawing power. It demonstrates that you are interested in helping them, not preaching at them.

While the secular pro-life position is imperative to saving preborn human lives, it is also of utmost importance to changing hearts/minds toward abortion.

"The secular position on abortion is of the utmost importance because even though it is questioned, the facts never waver. While people spend hours debating their religion or theological position, there is no grey area of when a new and unique human life begins. It is truly one area we can all agree on, if we only open our eyes," Albany says.

One heartbreaking trend I’ve noticed is some pro-life Christians downgrading the hard work of secular pro-lifers with their words and actions, by saying such things such as “Any work apart from God is filthy rags.” That is the most divisive statement I’ve ever heard! Secular pro-lifers have so much to offer the life cause, and we ought to embrace them.

When asked how it makes her feel when the work of people like her is downgraded, Albany Rose retorted: “If I cannot be against the killing of innocent humans because I’m not Christian, then what am I? I denounce all religions/faiths, and still proudly reject killing. So do I claim a new title? I don’t think so.”

We will only win if we stand together, united for a common cause. That is where real progress is found  There is so very much we can all learn from one another if we tear down the walls we have built and soundproofed.

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