Wednesday, February 7, 2018

We asked, you answered: creative ways to contribute to the cause of life

Last week, we asked our facebook followers: "If a pro-lifer has little disposable income and lives in a remote or rural area (assume no nearby CPCs, abortion clinics, or pro-life-related events), what are some ways he or she could still contribute to pro-life work?" Here are some of our favorite answers. (You can read all of them here.)

Katherine L.: Compile a list of the nearest pro-life resources in the area that would be helpful for a mother considering abortion (throw in some online resources, too). Then send that resource list to every church in your area, as well as any local clubs, and go post it around at laundromats, libraries, or any community bulletin boards you can find.

Karen T.: Start a support network among her/his neighbors. Include non-traditional support such as emergency babysitting, car mechanics, home maintenance. Traditionally, rural areas hang together in the tough times. Use that motivation for pro-life efforts

Francesca P.: Live the movement and love all. Support those in your community (however small) who are struggling. Celebrate life in all stages, and be joyful. Reach out to individuals who may be hurting due to poverty, physical or mental illness, unplanned pregnancies, abusive relationships, or ANYTHING. The opportunities might not be fun or glamorous — they may be thankless and difficult — but still a crucial piece of the puzzle.

Pamela M.: Get involved in foster care — become foster parents or support those who are foster parents. Organize a drive — diapers, formula, wipes, etc. for the rural health department (if there isn't a different organization that would benefit more).

Erin G.: I live in a rural area and have zero dollars to donate. I drive an hour or so downtown to the Planned Parenthood to protest. And almost every county has a Right to Life chapter. If yours doesn't, start one! Ask friends, family and like minded people to get involved. You could write letters to the editor of your local newspaper. There's a lot of different ways. At the VERY least, you could use social media to speak for those who can't speak for themselves. I see a lot of pictures of cats, food and dumb jokes on facebook, but almost no one I know says anything about 3,000 innocent babies being killed every day.

Anita B.: Start a new-mom donation closet and make some flyers to post at local high schools and WIC offices. Ask friends and churches to donate diapers and maternity clothes and baby stuff for any mom in need.

Maria M.: Volunteering for pro-life politicians/candidates. A lot of campaigning stuff can be done by phone.

Beth W.: Mail flyers from "And Then There Were None" to an abortion clinic. This is an organization which provides assistance to abortion workers who want out.

Julia E.: Write columns/blog posts.
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Meredith K.: Offer the spare bedroom as a place for pregnant women to stay if they need it.
  • Editor's note: I have done this and highly recommend it.

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