Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Another waste disposal company quits working with abortion vendors

Last week, Operation Rescue announced its discovery that Biomedical Waste Services was the disposal company picking up the remains of victims at thirteen surgical abortion facilities in Maryland—including the notorious late-term abortion center operated by Leroy Carhart. Carhart has killed several women in the course of his practice, in addition to untold numbers of children in the womb.

Just three hours later, after receiving multiple calls from pro-life advocates, Biomedical Waste Services cancelled the contract!

As we wrote in connection with a similar victory achieved by Created Equal's "Project Weak Link" in the Midwest late last year:
What remains to be seen is whether this will result in the closure of any abortion businesses. This effect is likely to be delayed, because many facilities have the capacity to keep the remains of their victims in refrigerated storage for a time. In an undercover video, abortionist Renee Chelian indicated that she could store five months' worth of aborted bodies in this fashion.
However, that is a temporary solution to their gruesome problem. Chelian concluded: "We are all one incinerator away, or one incinerator company away, from being closed."
Operation Rescue president Troy Newman states that the organization will "remain watchful," and notes that if any other companies take over  for Maryland abortion businesses, "we know our amazing supporters can once again be counted on to jump into action!"

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