Friday, July 13, 2018

Happening Sunday...

This Sunday, July 15, is a big day for two reasons:

1. It's the submission deadline for Create|Encounter! The second annual Create|Encounter contest, organized by our friends at Rehumanize International, is home to creative works of all kinds—poetry, narrative fiction, paintings, scripts, music, photography, sculpture, video, you name it—that relate to human rights and freedom from violence. That naturally includes abortion, but since Rehumanize International is a multi-issue group, you can also submit pieces that address war, human trafficking, the death penalty, racism, poverty, and other social ills.

Full submission guidelines can be found here. Winners get free admission to the Rehumanize conference October 12-14 in Pittsburgh, and may be published in the Life Matters Journal! Need inspiration? Check out last year's winners and honorable mentions here.

2. It's my 30th birthday! Yes, birthdays are arbitrary. But I love an excuse to celebrate, and 30 is a nice round number. It also makes me reflect on how I'm a "real adult" in the eyes of all the student pro-life activists who I was one of just a blink of an eye ago, I swear...

If you'd like to do something nice for me on my birthday, I'd love nothing more than a $30 donation to Secular Pro-Life. Help me start a new decade of advocacy on the right foot. Thanks!

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