Monday, August 20, 2018

MPs shine light on Canadian abortion survivors left to die

"Live-birth abortion" sounds like an oxymoron, but it's the term being used to describe a shockingly common scenario in Canada. A National Post article headlined "Birth of a legal quandry: Live-birth abortions a perilous grey zone in Canada’s criminal code" reports: 
On Thursday, three federal Conservative backbenchers said they had asked the RCMP to initiate one of the largest homicide investigations in its history.
Involving as many as 600 victims — more than even the 1985 Air India bombing — the investigation proposed by the MPs would implicate virtually every major hospital in Canada, as well as hundreds of nurses, doctors and medical staff.
To justify such a gargantuan effort, they said, the police need look no further than the government’s own ledgers: an obscure Statistics Canada number dug up last October by an anti-abortion activist showing that, each year, about 50 fetuses are “born alive” during late-term abortions.
“These incidents appear to be homicides,” wrote MPs Maurice Vellacott, Leon Benoit and Wladyslaw Lizon, in their Jan. 23 letter to the RCMP commissioner.
The MPs are right about the fact that between 2000 and 2009, 491 aborted fetuses indeed exhibited “evidence of life” following their removal from the womb — be it a momentary heartbeat, a sudden gasp or, in rare cases, crying.
In response, abortion advocates are already claiming (before any investigation has begun, mind you) that these babies were "allowed to pass away," as opposed to being deliberately killed after birth Gosnell-style. But of course, their deaths are quite deliberate. That is what abortion means. (Abortion advocates are also calling for a reform of the death certificate system to cover up the existence of abortion survivors.)

If the fatal injury is inflicted inside the womb, but the victim dies outside the womb, does that timing make a difference either legally or ethically? If so, shouldn't these babies be treated with the emergency care that a prematurely born infant not targeted for destruction would receive? Or if not, why not allow infanticide outright?

The Members of Parliament are right to call for an investigation of these 491+ homicides. I hope those babies receive some justice. But those babies who died a few weeks earlier, a few inches closer to the cervix, a moment short of their first breath — those babies deserve justice too.

This homicide investigation has the potential to awaken the Canadian conscience on abortion generally.  You can bet the abortion industry will fight it tooth and nail and smear everyone involved in the investigation as a Bible-thumping misogynist.

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