Wednesday, August 15, 2018

New school year, new brochures!

Attention pro-life student leaders: Secular Pro-Life has just redesigned its signature brochure, Why Should Non-Christians Care About Abortion?, and we want to send you some free copies!

The brochure covers the science of when human life begins, the human rights and equality argument against abortion, and the diversity of the pro-life movement. New to this version, we've included quotes by abortionists admitting to the violence of abortion (thank you Sarah Terzo of ClinicQuotes!), updated statistics about non-religious Americans against abortion (there are 12.8 million of us!), and debunked the popular-at-the-moment-because-what's-old-is-new-again argument that legal abortion is necessary for women's health. Not bad for a two-sided folded piece of paper!

Secular Pro-Life has always had a soft spot for campus activists, and we make these publications with you in mind. To claim your freebies for the fall semester, email with the subject line "Request for Brochures." Be sure to include the name of your school, the name of your student organization, your position in the group (president, vice president, secretary, etc.), and of course your mailing address. We'll send you as many brochures as will fit in a small USPS flat rate box. 

You can also get brochures from us in person. Find us in California and Pennsylvania this fall. 

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