Friday, September 14, 2018

A mother with postpartum depression seeks advice

Every now and then, this blog hosts an informal pro-life advice column. Such is the case today. All identifying details of the advice-seeker have been changed, for reasons that will become apparent.

Anonymous: I joined an outpatient program for postpartum depression (PPD), which I'm attending with my infant. The problem is that the program takes place in the same building as a well-known abortion center.

Bringing my baby into a building that houses an abortion center gives me the creeps, frankly. It's not something I need to be dealing with while I'm already going through PPD with intrusive thoughts. However, the program is really good, and I think this is pretty much the only local option for intensive PPD therapy. I'd appreciate any thoughts you have on this.

I'm also hesitant to mention this as a problem to any of the staff there because they brought in a sex educator from a very pro-choice local clinic (she didn't talk about abortion, but I Googled the clinic) to talk to us and I'm not sure if they'll understand why this is such a problem. I'm also not sure how to express my problem without sounding like I'm being judgmental of others.

My response: Oh my gosh. I'm so sorry you have to deal with this. 

Is it possible to participate via video chat? It couldn't hurt to ask... preferably in an email, and if anybody prods, you can cite vague "transportation issues."

But if you think you can handle it—and again, doing it via email rather than in person might help—I hope you can disclose the real reason, because you probably aren't the only one who's uncomfortable.

If you like, I can solicit more advice from the Secular Pro-Life community—with your name and location redacted, of course.

Anonymous: I'm not sure the video chat thing would work, because the group aspect is supposed to be an important part. There are also various staff members we see during the course of the day, so I don't know how video chatting with all of them would work. I'd love more advice from the SPL community. Thanks.

Which brings us to here: Have any of our readers experienced a similar issue? How did you handle it? What words of compassion and wisdom do you have for Anonymous?

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