Tuesday, October 30, 2018

We asked, you answered: How to avoid burnout?

A Secular Pro-Life supporter wrote to us seeking the community's advice. On her behalf, we shared:
One of our followers is very involved in the pro-life movement, including working for a pregnancy resource center. Sometimes she feels worn out and discouraged by the abortion issue. What advice do you have for pro-life activists when they feel overwhelmed?
Our facebook fans gave many excellent responses. Here are a few of our favorites:

Kim G.: When you’re getting info out there, whether written or spoken, remember all the silent individuals greatly moved by your message. There are more of them than the loud-mouthed haters. You are strong enough to stand up to them where others may not be. But a strong, silent group of supporters are there in the shadows.

Rebecca G.: Listen to positive music (I have found that music is highly transformative for the mood, in whatever direction you choose, good or bad), and surround yourself with friends. A night out talking about something else, a pedicure, or some other kind of self- pamper. Let some steam out of the pot so you can get back at it when the time comes. And know you aren’t alone!! We’re all here rooting for the same cause, and for compassionate workers like yourself!!

Lauren E.: I watch a movie or do something that takes my mind off of it for a few hours. But sometimes there are seasons where I just feel EXHAUSTED and you have to push through it. I think part of ending the genocide is being the side that doesn't give up no matter how hard it gets.

Tanya S.: Take care of someone else who may also be discouraged in the pro-life movement. Send a card or a gift card. Send their organization a donation and a thoughtful word. Make it a habit, and do it double time in moments of discouragement. If we all do this, we're all going to be cared for.

Nora B.: When you feel bad emotionally, take care of your body first. Eat, sleep, exercise, breathe. If the problem is still there, you’ll be in a much better frame of mind to address it.

Lydia R.: So I’m in the field of science and medicine, and you probably know how they feel when they lose patients. It’s hard to see the good we’ve done when we’re surrounded by evil. Evil is natural, and everything you do to combat it is unnatural and wears you out. So you can’t focus on the evil. Instead, focus on how you’ve held evil back — how many people you’ve helped. Not how many you’ve lost.

Krista R.: Self-care is necessary in the pro-life movement! For me, that includes time with loved ones, doing what I love, sleeping and eating well, and taking introverted time for myself when needed!!

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