Monday, November 5, 2018

November 6 is Election Day

Unless you're one of the estimated 20 million Americans who have participated in early voting, tomorrow (November 6) is the big day. If you are eligible to vote, Secular Pro-Life encourages you to research your candidates and cast an informed vote. Voters in Alabama, Oregon, and West Virginia will also have an opportunity to vote on abortion-related ballot measures.

Secular Pro-Life is a 501(c)(3), which means we cannot endorse candidates. (Even before we obtained 501(c)(3) status, we refrained from political endorsements for various reasons; long story short, it's not our wheelhouse.) However, we can share information and advocate on issues.

In particular, we feel it's important to note that anti-abortion legislation has a proven track record. Abortion advocates sometimes claim that pro-life laws don't actually prevent abortions, in an effort to demoralize us, but the more honest among them acknowledge that pro-life laws do work. Research has established the efficacy of informed consent, parental consent, and other common abortion limits. A single pro-life law—the Hyde Amendment, a limitation on federal funding of abortion first established in 1976 and renewed as a budget rider every year since—has saved the lives of more than two million Americans.

To find out where your candidates stand on abortion-related legislation, check out these resources:
Those who are the most impacted by abortion are too young to vote. Remember them as you cast your ballot.

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