Friday, December 28, 2018

Top 10 Stories of 2018

We won't keep you in suspense. The most-read posts on this blog for 2018 are...

10. “The People Want Roe to Stay”—Abortion polls produce bizarre results; people claim to support Roe v. Wade, but also favor abortion restrictions that aren't possible with Roe in place.

9. Pro-life agnostic running for Senate in Missouri—Austin Petersen did not take office (he lost the primary to pro-life Christian Josh Hawley, who went on to defeat abortion supporter Claire McCaskill), but his campaign brought visibility to pro-life secularism.

8. I Am a Pro-Life Progressive. Don’t Shun Me.—A Democrat pleads for tolerance of pro-lifers within his party.

7. Film Review: Pro-Life Feminist—If you haven't seen this documentary yet, you really should.

6. Pro-choice embryologist contradicts his own biology textbook—Classic.

5. Non-religious pro-life population grows to 12.8 million—More people are leaving religion, and the percentage of non-religious people who take an anti-abortion position has gone up at least 4 points since 2012.

4. How a militantly pro-choice young lady switched sides—"All it took to get me here was a single scientifically sound argument, logically constructed, and passionately stated. I am certain there are countless others like me, and it is our mission to reach them. We have science and logic on our side—now let’s go show the world our passion."

3. Mourning Ireland—The Emerald Isle was a beacon of hope for life in the United States. That hope was shattered, thanks in no small part to Irish voters' desire to exact retribution from the Catholic Church.

2. Supporting women with unplanned pregnancies: can we find common ground with the pro-choice side?—"The pro-choice side is quick to point out the many ways unplanned pregnancy can devastate a woman's life, but if the implication is that she is choosing abortion because of these external reasons—and not because she specifically doesn't want children—these are precisely the situations when even pro-choicers should see abortion as a travesty, not a panacea. If most women choose abortion because they feel they have to, then it's backwards and even a bit grotesque to model abortion as women's liberation."

1. Three Excellent Reasons Not to Execute Women Who Have Abortions—Kevin Williamson's fringe position is wrong, and the death penalty for abortion is a non-starter.

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