Friday, January 4, 2019

Choosing Adoption Over Abortion

Picture this: a young, teenage girl becomes unexpectedly pregnant. She has no money, is still in high school, and only works part time at the local fast food chain. Her friends tell her to get an abortion. After all, it’s only a clump of cells, right?

But this girl has questions. Sure, she doesn’t feel emotionally mature enough or financially ready to raise a baby, but does that mean the baby has to die before it even has a chance at life? No, it does not.

This courageous girl chose an option not often chosen. She chose adoption. Here are some common adoption questions and answers, in an attempt to pull back the curtain and reveal adoption to be the loving, life affirming option that it really is.

Q. Does it cost money to place a child for adoption?
A. No, it does not! All adoption related fees including but not limited to, legal fees, pregnancy related expenses, and medical bills not paid for by insurance are paid for by the adoptive parents.

Q. What is an open or semi open adoption?
A. Open adoption is when the birth parent may choose the adoptive family themselves, rather than the adoption agency choosing the family for them. Birth parents may also arrange to receive pictures of their baby from the adoptive family, or they may arrange visits. Ultimately it is up to the birth parent in regards to how much contact they want to have with the child.

Q. What is a closed adoption?
A. Sometimes, birth parents may choose to have no contact with their child after the adoption has taken place. This is called a closed adoption and may happen for a multitude of reasons. Regardless of the reason however, the parent can rest assured that their child is being taken good care of and loved.

Q. Does placing the child for adoption mean that the child is not loved?
A. Adoption is a very loving and selfless option. It is trusting others to care for the child and love the child just as the birth parents do. Sometimes birth parents can not keep the child, due to a multitude of reasons. They may not have enough money to financially support the child, they may not be in a stable living situation, or they may already have other children they have to take care of. Whatever the reasoning, adoption is a loving option, and it saves the child from death by an abortion.

Q. Will the baby be placed with a good family?
A. The family can be chosen by the birth parent, or if the birth parent would rather, the adoption agency can choose the family. Either way, the adoptive family must go through an intensive background check to ensure they do not have any criminal history. Their marital status, financial situation, lifestyle, and medical history are also taken into account. Finally, the adoptive family’s home is put under inspection, to confirm that it is a safe environment to raise a child. Hopefully, answering these questions takes away some of the mystery that usually comes with the adoption process. Adoption is an option that is full of love and more importantly, full of life. It allows the baby to live a life with a family that loves them, it does not force the baby to be destroyed through abortion. Encourage those you love to consider adoption if they are looking to expand their family, or if they are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. It may just be the best decision they ever made.

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