Tuesday, January 1, 2019

We Asked, You Answered: New Year's Resolutions

We asked our facebook followers about their life-related resolutions for 2019. You all have some great plans!

Kara B. — Unless I get pregnant in the first half of the year, wanting to start the process of us being made available as adoptive parents to a woman with a crisis pregnancy.

Leette E. — Give to my local pregnancy crisis center/clinic.

Beth F. I want to do a better job respecting and protecting my own life. I often fight so hard to defend the value of others but struggle to see my own. I don’t want to let my health and disabilities limit my work for the movement, but I need to find a better way to balance my passion with less strain on my physical health.

Gina M. — Sidewalk counseling.

Pablo M. (of Argentina) — Preventing abortion from being legalized in my country for one more year

Kelsey H. (SPL president) — Finish the darn book.

Tim L. Volunteering with pro life organizations and crisis pregnancy centers!

Jody W. I hope to convince one or more inner-city pastors in Baltimore to open church-based pregnancy centers.  

Becky C. — More BOLDNESS, Less FEAR

Last but not least, judging from all the likes it got, everyone has adopted this resolution...

Adam P. Just gonna keep on not killing people.

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