Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Pro-Life Events This Weekend

Two events that caught our eye:

(1) Starting Friday, Rehumanize International is launching its first ever "Go Rehumanize" initiative. In their words:
We want to encourage our affiliate communities and supporters to participate in volunteer events and mutual aid projects several times throughout the year.
The theme for the first ever #GoRehumanize Weekend (April 12-14) is Pregnancy & Maternity support. 
All you have to do to participate is get some friends together and plan a fundraising or volunteer opportunity to support this cause in your community. For example, in our home base of Pittsburgh we will be holding a Karaoke for Life fundraiser to benefit a local maternity home for pregnant people who need shelter. You can organize a similar event for an organization in your community, hold a diaper and baby supplies drive, or simply offer to volunteer at a local pregnancy center for a day! 
While participating make sure to snap pictures and tag them with #GoRehumanize on social media! 
Pro-life people have always been active volunteers in their communities; we're roughly half the U.S. population, after all. (In a total coincidence, I've already signed up for a beach cleanup this weekend, so I will be off-theme.) By doing good with our pro-life convictions on our sleeves, perhaps we will finally put the "they stop caring after babies are born" slander to rest... nah, just kidding. Facts don't matter. 

(2) On Saturday, capitalizing on the momentum of Unplanned, pro-life advocates will hold candlelight vigils at Planned Parenthood abortion centers throughout the country. So far, 136 vigils have been scheduled in 36 states. Find yours here, or if there isn't one in your community, you can sign up to lead one.

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