Saturday, June 29, 2019

In One Month: Democrats for Life of America Conference

Many of you know that Secular Pro-Life is led by a trio of atheist women: Monica, the conservative; Kelsey, the moderate; and Terrisa, the liberal San Francisco vegan who Fox News warned you about. (We love you, Terrisa!) So who better than Terrisa to represent the secular point of view at the Democrats for Life of America conference?

Secular Pro-Life co-leader Terrisa Bukovinac
The conference will take place July 26-28 in Lansing, Michigan, where Terrisa will share the stage with dozens of incredible speakersincluding pro-life Democratic officeholders, a former abortionist, an immigrant rights attorney, and more. Check out the fantastic agenda and speaker list.

As the abortion industry pushes the Democratic Party to further extremes, alienating rank-and-file Democrats, this conference is sorely needed. Tickets are available here. We hope to see you soon!

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