Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Chicago-Area Volunteers Needed!

If you will be in the Chicago area on Saturday, January 11, 2020, this message is for you! Secular Pro-Life has been presented with an opportunity to exhibit at the March for Life Chicago Convention. We would love to participate in this event, but we need your help. I'll let this email from weDignify (formerly Students for Life of Illinois) sum it up:
I'm reaching out because, as you've probably heard, Illinois recently passed the most extreme statewide abortion legislation in the country—fully legalizing abortion through all nine months, for almost any reason, and no restrictions on the medical professionals performing abortions.
Now more than ever the pro-life movement needs to present a large, united front where it's needed most: Chicago.
That's why weDignify is working with the March for Life Chicago Board to expand the March for Life Chicago from one March to a unified, day-long endeavor: the March for Life Chicago Convention on Saturday, January 11th 2020.
Last year over 8,000 people came to March in Chicago—despite the cold—making this the largest pro-life event in the Midwest by far. And, with the new laws this year, we anticipate growing even larger.
And we want Secular Pro-Life to be a part of it—will you come to have a vendor table and help us promote the March for Life Chicago Convention? As a special offer, vendor booths are only $450 if reserved before August 20th!
The $450 vendor booth expense is within our budget. Unfortunately, the cost of travel and lodging is not. Most of our regular volunteers are on the coasts, and flying them to Chicago for a one-day event just doesn't make financial sense.

But if we can find two or three local supporters to run the Secular Pro-Life exhibit booth, this is totally doable! We'll train you, and send you a banner, pamphlet, stickers, and everything else you need.

According to the statistical information Facebook gives us about people who like our page, we have 252 supporters in Chicago—but we have no way of figuring out who you are, until you tell us! So please, reach out by emailing with the subject line "Chicago." Thank you!

Photo credit: Pedro Lastra on Unsplash

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