Friday, July 26, 2019

Pro-Life Events This Weekend and Next

If you're in Lansing for the Democrats for Life of America conference this weekend, be sure to catch Terrisa Bukovinac's speech! Terrisa is an atheist, SPL co-admin, and the president of Pro-Life San Francisco. More info here. For those who can't make it, we'll try to post video later.

Next Saturday, August 3, Students for Life of America is putting on its annual National Pro-Life Sidewalk Day. This is an invitation for pro-life advocates who don't normally go out to the sidewalk of their local abortion centers to take the leap and offer support for women in need. You can participate anywhere. More info here.

It's especially important to have students and other young people on the sidewalk. Often, sidewalk advocacy is dominated by retired folks who have the ability to be there during business hours. And don't get me wrong—their contribution is incredibly valuable! But where possible, a student presence is powerful; 45.5% of abortion clients are under the age of 25, and relating to a peer can have a life-saving impact.

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