Friday, July 5, 2019

We Asked, You Answered: Moderate Pro-Choice Positions

On our facebook page, Monica wrote: "I feel like I've been spending too much time reading the most ridiculous ideas from the pro-choice side. For contrast, tell me what you consider the most understandable or relatable aspects of the pro-choice position." Here are a few of our favorite responses from the Secular Pro-Life community:

Mandi S.: "I think many pro-choice individuals believe in their heart of hearts that their position helps women so we both are coming from a place of wanting to support women. We just see things differently."

Tiffany C.: "I do think there are grey areas. The pro-choicers I have the most respect for are the ones who don't like abortion but believe that it's a necessary evil."

Frank L.: "I have come across a few [pro-choicers] who acknowledge basic biology but claim that the mother's right not to be pregnant is more important than the child's right to live. And while I can't agree with their priorities, their position makes more sense than that of who deny science in this discussion."

Keri R.: "I just want to know when are the laws regarding delinquent child support payers going to become stricter? Takes two to make the problem, but somehow the sperm supplier isn't the one under attack."

Jenna C.: "That it's hypocritical for pro-life people to try and protect the unborn while actively opposing policies that would both prevent pregnancy and support children once they're born. It frustrates me that in part because of the Democratic party's systematic excision of any pro-life candidates, the most conservative people are the ones controlling the legislation and public narrative of the pro-life stance. We really DO need to be supporting comprehensive sex ed, free contraception, and any and all social supports that helps pregnant individuals and their children prosper."

Tanya S.: "Women fought long and hard for the right to be seen as more than mothers, caretakers, and homemakers. And I sympathize greatly with this because I know the pain that the oppressive culture that made women stay home and pop out as many kids as possible caused to generations of women."

Megan L.: "We're both fighting for human rights. They just only see one person whereas I see two."

Clinton W.: "Contrary to what pro-choice people think of pro-life men, I do understand that pregnancies are not easy and they can sometimes be dangerous. That's why I'm so adamant that men step up when they get someone pregnant and be there for her through every step of it. I think it's completely understandable that women don't always want to be pregnant (although many of them do), and if men are there to help them through it, it makes it more bearable."

Keely A.: "Thank you so much for this thread. I am pro-choice and I have spent the past few weeks in a constant state of upset and anxiety. ... I read these comments and I'm heartened. It is so easy to demonize those who don't agree with us. ... My position remains unchanged, but what I see in this group (FINALLY) is a willingness to discuss the nuances that are at play here. AND a willingness to do something that will actually reduce the number of abortions, which is really what it's all about, right? If we have fewer abortions, it means that women have access to the healthcare and support they need to prevent pregnancy in the first place or to take care of themselves and a child should they become pregnant."

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