Wednesday, August 21, 2019

The euphemism du jour is "reproductive freedom"

Vice News reports that in response to recent focus group research, NARAL is now emphasizing the phrase "reproductive freedom" in support of killing defenseless unborn babies.

The euphemism is supposed to appeal to what they call "freedom first" voters, itself a new term for the "personally pro-life, politically pro-choice" segment of the population (which is dwindling). Vice draws the connection between NARAL's announcement and Planned Parenthood's recent messaging woes, in which CEO Leana Wen fired for treating abortion as a health concern rather than a political issue. (Vice's article was published before Planned Parenthood made its priorities even clearer by turning down $60 million in federal funding for legitimate women's healthcare that is no longer available to abortion vendors.)

Still, NARAL insists that the change is not intended as a rebuke to the shout your abortion/abortion is normal/no-ethical-debate-to-see-here-LALALALALA messaging that's become trendy of late. The messaging on messaging is that every abortion advocacy group has its own spin on things and everything is kumbaya.

Speaking of Shout Your Abortion, its founder Amelia Bonow is quoted extensively, and I hope you won't mind the upcoming NSFW language, because she has something important to say:
“This isn’t an indication that movement is fucked and it’s all discord,” Bonow said. 
The fact that she felt the need to say that, and that a friendly reporter published it, is a sure sign that the abortion movement is fucked and it's all discord. Their downfall can't come soon enough.

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