Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Recap: Rehumanize Conference 2019

Last weekend, Secular Pro-Life volunteers took to New Orleans for Rehumanize Conference 2019. The event was a great success! Be sure to check out our photo album here.

Kelsey Hazzard and
Michaelene Fredenberg
Secular Pro-Life led two breakout sessions: SPL president Kelsey Hazzard delivered her classic "Secular Case Against Abortion" presentation, and for the first time, we moderated a workshop on secular resources for abortion healing. Although that landscape is dominated by faith-based organizations like Rachel's Vineyard and Silent No More, there are also some wonderful secular options like Abortion Changes You — whose leader, Michaelene Fredenberg, graciously joined us. Our dear friend Nora had her wallet stolen the day before her flight and was unable to board the plane to New Orleans without ID, but that didn't stop us! She shared her personal story of abortion and secular healing with the group over Skype.

The discussion was very open, with topics including secular rituals; healing for fathers; dealing with unsupportive therapists who deny that there is any death to be grieved; and do's and don'ts for being a good friend to people suffering after abortion. (The basics: thank them for their trust in sharing something so personal, maintain confidentiality, don't minimize their pain, and LISTEN.) Due to the sensitive and vulnerable conversations that took place, we will not be posting a recording of this workshop, but we hope to replicate it at future events.

With the caveat that this may be an artifact of which breakout sessions I got to attend, and that I'm sure I missed some great presentations, I felt that the disability rights programming was especially strong this year. I encourage you to watch the keynote panel on "Countering Ableism in Medicine." Pro-life atheist Sarah Terzo, who occasionally contributes to this blog, is among the panelists.

With another successful Rehumanize Conference behind us, we turn our attention to preparing for the March for Life in January. Stay tuned!

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