Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Book Review: "Pro-Life Kids"

Above: Preview page of Pro-Life Kids. Text reads: "It doesn't matter your size or your age. You have equal value whatever the stage." It is accompanied by cartoon illustrations of many people, forming a line from youngest to oldest.

Pro-Life Kids, written by Bethany Bomberger and illustrated by Ed Koehler, is a rhyming picture book that introduces children to the concept that all humans are people: at every age, no matter where they live, and even before they are born. This concept is conveyed clearly and illustrated beautifully, including children of all races and abilities.

This book is best read aloud by a trusted adult who is prepared to spend a good amount of time on the subject. Although the book's overall tone is upbeat and positive, it is impossible to be honest about abortion without bringing up death. Pro-Life Kids forthrightly describes abortion as taking a baby's life away. It also contains references to other upsetting situations when some humans have not been recognized as persons (slavery and the Holocaust), as well as the successes of the civil rights movement. These topics will likely prompt difficult questions from young children who lack the historical education. The story also assumes a prior knowledge of concepts like adoption and pregnancy care centers, which the reader may need to pause to explain.

The author, a Christian, included one religious passage: "God made you unique. You have no clone. Your fingerprints are yours. Yes, yours alone. He knit you together one cell at a time... with love and attention—a plan so divine." Secular households could modify this page (but I recommend against skipping it entirely, as it contains a lovely fetal illustration).

Pro-Life Kids also contains significant back-page material, including photos and biographies of real pro-life kids, a "Pro-Life Kids Pledge," and kid-friendly action items.

Pro-Life Kids is available for purchase here.

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