Monday, December 16, 2019

Baby Chris is 38 Weeks Old

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[This is part 39 of a multi-part series chronicling a pregnancy through the lens of "Baby Chris." Click here for other parts.]

38 weeks after fertilization (40 weeks LMP), Baby Chris 20 ¼ inches long and weighs 7 ¾ pounds—about the size of a small pumpkin. Baby Chris will be born very soon! Their lungs are ready for life on the outside and should not require special medical assistance.

Shamefully, it is still legal for Baby Chris to be electively aborted in the final week before birth. While Roe v. Wade and Supreme Court's other abortion cases allow states to restrict third-trimester abortions, not all states have done so, and abortion lobbyists are pushing for even fewer restrictions. In no state does Baby Chris enjoy legal recognition as a person with the right to life.

Thankfully, the overwhelming majority of doctors have a conscience and will not perform such a late-term abortion, despite its legality. As a practical matter it is extremely difficult to obtain an abortion at this stage. In medical emergencies where continued pregnancy threatens the mother's life or health, the sensible course of action is to immediately perform a C-section or induce labor; this not only gives the baby a chance to live, but also provides a quicker resolution for the mother than a 9-month abortion procedure would.

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