Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Top 10 Graphics of 2019

Here are the most reacted-to, commented-upon, and shared Secular Pro-Life graphics of 2019! You guys sure do like screenshots and corrections to pro-choice nonsense.

10. For every two Catholic pro-lifers, there is one secular pro-lifer! (Check out this blog post for the underlying data.)

9 (Several images tied). Numerous people who grew up in foster care (and with other challenges) came forward to defend their lives in response to Jameela Jamil's callous tweet suggesting they should have been aborted. It's appalling that their existence and value were ever questioned, but boy did they rise to the occasion! Check out the full collection of screenshots here.

8. Watch out, pro-choicers: Monica is wielding her red pen!

7. These bad Handmaid's Tale analogies are really getting out of hand.

Yes, we screenshot our own tweets and post them to Facebook. Don't judge. 

6. Stop erasing pro-life women!

5. Oh no! Now Monica has a BLUE pen!

4. We will ALWAYS amplify people targeted by the abortion industry.

3. If you don't like human rights violations, don't commit human rights violations!

2. Heartbreaking

And for the top graphic of 2019... Monica strikes again!

1. Tapeworms? Seriously?!

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