Monday, January 20, 2020

Planned Parenthood wants you to get out and vote!

Planned Parenthood recently released this political ad:

The bolded lines below are a transcription of the ad and the unbolded text are my first thoughts.

Can I be blatantly honest? My life is at stake in this next election. 
Yeah, lots of lives are at stake in that next election. Pro-lifers think about that a lot, trust me.

It is a matter of life and death to have access to quality health care.
It is a matter of millions of lives and deaths if we restrict or liberalize abortion law, considering how much the law affects abortion rates.

Birth control.
Most pro-lifers are fine with birth control. In general people are a lot more fine with birth control than with abortion.

To safe and legal abortion.
Hard pass here.

And accurate sexual education.
Again, agreed.

And that's not happening right now.
Which part? Contraception use has held steady for well over a decade, and comprehensive sexual education sees wide public support. Planned Parenthood always tries to soften its abortion-on-demand efforts with these other very popular endeavors, but once again they're really just talking about abortion.

Our reproductive rights have come into question yet again.
If you mean we question whether elective abortion should be a reproductive right, that's true. No matter who wins the next election, that question is not going away.

I was a young nurse when Roe v. Wade was passed. Now we worry about protecting it every day.
Good. Roe, and the American abortion laws allowed by it, are ridiculous.

There is no reason politicians should be telling me when or if I can build a family.
Are there politicians telling you this? We aren't saying you either can't have sex or must have sex. We're saying don't kill anyone as a result of your freely made sexual choices. This isn't actually The Handmaid's Tale.

We need to go forward, not backward.
Yes! Forward into a society where we don't legally kill hundreds of thousands of our offspring every year.

We didn't always have the right to vote. Many of my family members grew up in segregation.
We're very pro-voting and anti-segregation. *fist bump

My dad grew up in a country where he didn't have a voice. But I do.
Voting is a way to do something when you wish you could just do something.
That's the whole point of our system! 
It's the basis of our democracy.
Yes! Voting is a way to try to create a society that reflects our values and priorities. Or, as pro-choice people like to phrase it, it's a way of imposing our morality on everyone else, amirite?

Politicians think they decide what we do with our own bodies? 
If by "what we do with our own bodies" you mean non-defensively killing tiny humans, then yes, certain politicians--and the millions of American men and women who voted for them--think we should outlaw that.

But guess what?
We decide. 
To go out there and make the change that we want to see.
We decide who our leaders are. 
Nosotros elegimos nuestro futuro. [We choose our future.]
We decide our future.
And more specifically, apparently, whether the children we carry will even have a future.

We decide.
We decide.
Indeed. We will see you at the ballot box.

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