Monday, March 23, 2020

Submissions open for Create | Encounter pro-life art contest

Rehumanize International has opened submissions for its annual Create | Encounter contest. With large gatherings cancelled for the foreseeable future, why not use that time to create meaningful art?

Rehumanize International is a consistent life ethic (CLE) organization, promoting respect for human life at all ages. Create | Encounter is for pieces that "explore subjects of aggressive violence against human life, dehumanization, and human dignity surrounding such issues as abortion, abuse, capital punishment, embryonic stem cell research, euthanasia, human trafficking, physician assisted suicide, poverty issues, racism, suicide, torture, and unjust war." That's not a comprehensive list; your art can address a wide variety of social ills. And speaking of variety, Create | Encounter is open to many types of media, from poetry to visual art to music to short stories and more.

Above: "Dilation and Evacuation," SPL president Kelsey Hazzard's mixed media piece from the 2018 Create | Encounter contest. Sopher forceps, a common tool in second-trimester abortions, are juxtaposed with damaged photo negatives.

Not to brag, but historically, members of the Secular Pro-Life community have been well represented among the winners and honorable mentions (and yes, artwork is judged anonymously). So click here for full submission guidelines, and get creative! The deadline is July 1.

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