Friday, August 14, 2020

Colorado Voters Prepare for Late-Term Abortion Referendum

Pro-life advocates demonstrate in front of the Colorado state capitol building
Image credit: Respect Life Denver Facebook page

"The abortion lobby, for a very long time, has tried to silo abortion by characterizing it as just a religious issue, just a theological difference of opinion. When what we're really talking about is violence, lethal violence, against a flesh-and-blood human being. And you don't have to be religious to recognize that."

So said Secular Pro-Life president Kelsey Hazzard during a recent interview on a Denver-based Catholic radio show. The interview covered the secular case for life and related topics, especially Colorado's upcoming referendum (Proposition 115) against late-term abortions. If recent events have you down about the presidential election, you certainly are not alone; don't forget about referenda and down-ballot races!


10:50 — Interview begins

11:40 — The mission and history of Secular Pro-Life

15:15 — Common ground across religious differences; dialogue tips

19:35 — Colorado's extreme laws allowing abortion even in the third trimester

21:10 — Our partnership with the Equal Rights Institute

22:02 — Pro-life and pro-woman

24:45 — Arguments against late-term abortion

26:18 — How to connect with Secular Pro-Life; Rehumanize Conference on August 29

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