Friday, August 7, 2020

Secular Pro-Life July Recap!

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July Recap

To prepare for Joe Biden's selection of his running mate in early August, we published a series of articles on the top twelve contenders and their positions on abortion. Spoiler alert: They all hold extremist positions.
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

In response to an activist judge's decision to suspend the FDA's safety regulations on abortion drugs - including the crucial in-person dispensing requirement, which helps keep abortion pills out of the hands of abusive men - we joined a coalition of pro-life organizations calling upon the FDA to remove abortion pills from the market altogether.

We exposed multiple private abortion businesses and industry lobby groups that received taxpayer subsidies through the Paycheck Protection Program, despite the fact that the program was intended for smaller businesses that are having trouble surviving during the pandemic.

We are excited to participate in Students for Life of America's fellowship programs this year! Kelsey will mentor a pro-life college student through the Wilberforce Fellowship and Terrisa will mentor a pro-life high school student through the Stevens Fellowship.

Secular Pro-Life is proud to co-sponsor the Rehumanize Conference, which will take place on Saturday, August 29. This year it is all virtual, so consider signing up

This year will include our very own Terrisa Bukovinac as a speaker

We gained 140 new followers, bringing us to 11,913 total. We posted 65 tweets, which were viewed 127,700 times. 11,075 of those views went to our response to Created Equal's question "If your pro-choice friend asked you why you are pro-life, what would you say?" Another top viewed tweet was our reaction to the pro-choice slogan "Fund Abortion, Build Power".

"All cruelty springs from weakness", as Roman Philosopher Seneca observed centuries ago.

In June we gained 204 followers, bringing us to 33,022 total. Our content was viewed over 252,950 times, including 21,518 views for our "hard to swallow pills" meme on embryology.

*Side effects may include cognitive dissonance towards claims of supporting abortion and valuing human lives

Our three most-read blog posts for July, in increasing order:
  • Pro-Life Messages in Fantasy and Science FictionGuest blogger Sophie Trist isn't saying these quotes are from pro-life authors, but it is kind of hard not to see how they directly relate to the movement.
  • Don't Define me by my DiseaseWe've said it before, but guest blogger Deb Jones gives her personal account on how harmful the message is from pro-choice advocates when they promote abortion for fetal anomalies. Abortion and ableism go hand-in-hand.
  • Amy's Journey from Pro-Choice to Pro-LifeWe all love a change-of-heart story. Guest blogger Amy McDonough goes through what changed her mind and made defending pre-born lives a priority in hers.
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