Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Secular Pro-Life August Recap!

Secular Pro-Life's president Kelsey Hazzard was busy this month so check it out:

Mid-August Kelsey was featured in an interview on Respect Life Radio, a Denver-based Catholic radio station.  Of particular interest, discussion on Proposition 115, which would clamp down on late-term abortions in the state.  

Later in August, she was one of two debaters representing the pro-life side on the YouTube channel Modern-Day Debate

In other news, Rehumanize International came out with a plan for restorative justice in a world after the end of Roe v. Wade.  Secular Pro-Life has come on-board as one of the organizations endorsing this plan.  Students for Life Action has developed a strategic plan to improve a culture of life within the United States which SPL has also signed on to.  Check it out here.

SPL's own pro-life firebrand Terrisa Bukovinac was one of the many dedicated pro-life Democrats to make their voices heard during the Democratic National Convention, even though officially they were not included at the convention.  

And finally, August 29th Secular Pro-Life joined several other organizations as co-sponsor at the first virtual Rehumanize Conference.  This was a conference focused on the spectrum of life issues - from abortion to war and everything in between and SPL had a virtual booth.  If you missed it, keep an eye out for when they post videos of the conference on their YouTube page.

The Rehumanize Conference featured speakers from all over the country
We gained 207 new followers, bringing us to 11,980 total. We sent out 33 tweets this month which were viewed 141,700 times.  The story that got most people talking?  Where Secular Pro-Life was forced to do The Washington Post's fact-checking for them.  No retraction by The Washington Post as of this email.
Who fact-checks the fact-checkers?  (apparently SPL)
In August we gained 107 followers, bringing us to 33,132 total. Our content was viewed over 252,356 times, including 10,381 views of our snarky meme that encapsulates how far too many pro-choicers come across to pro-lifers who see abortion as a human rights violation.
"I reject your reality and substitute my own!"
Our three most-read blog posts for August, in increasing order:
  • In Depth: Abortion in Ireland After Repeal of the Right to Life: A post-mortem on the impact abortion legalization has had on this country that once protected both.  
  • Shouting About Heartbeats: This post showcases the mental gymnastics certain pro-choice advocates have found themselves doing when they interpret a heartbeat ban as a 6-week ban because that is about when a heartbeat shows up, then claim that a 6-week embryo doesn't have a heartbeat.
  • Yeah, about that bizarre "Satanic abortions" story:  Well, SPL fandom, this is your top viewed blog post.  Frankly, I'm a little worried about you.  This is a handy analysis of The Satanic Temple's political goals and methods and is a perfectly good post for those of you interested in the intersection between the separation of church and state issues and abortion.  But we all know the real reason you clicked on this one with its clickbaity title.
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Thank you to our supporters
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In gratitude for all their hard work in putting together the Rehumanize Conference, consider donating to Rehumanize International.  An anonymous donor is currently matching all donations up to $5000.  You can donate to them here.

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