Wednesday, October 28, 2020

March for Life Chicago has big plans!

January will be here before you know it. For pro-lifers, January is a season of mourning, marching, and organizing, as we mark the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. And although the national March for Life in Washington, D.C. is the best-known Roe memorial event, there are also numerous state, local, and regional pro-life marches to accommodate pro-life people from all parts of the United States. 

We've already written a bit about how the 2021 national March is changing due to COVID-19. But today, we want to spotlight the March for Life Chicago — a longtime hub for the Midwest pro-life movement — because its approach is something really special. They've taken the mandate of safety and turned it into an opportunity for greater engagement. The solution they came up with is ingenious.

The March for Life Chicago is doing a road tour with a series of smaller events throughout the Midwest region. The tour will feature parking lot rallies in partnership with local radio stations so people can listen to pro-life speakers from their cars! They will also organize diaper drives, protest caravans outside abortion centers, and related events.

The following tour stops have been announced, likely with more to come:

  • Madison, WI on January 2
  • Omaha, NE on January 10
  • Fort Wayne, IN on January 16
  • Chicago, IL on January 23

The primary organizer is weDignify, a pro-life student organization based in Illinois. They are working with a coalition of pro-life groups throughout the region. And although we are not based in the Midwest, Secular Pro-Life is proud to co-sponsor this fantastic series of events. At one of the stops (TBD), participants will find something from SPL in their goodie bags!

Stay tuned, and keep marching (safely) for life!

[Photo credit: March for Life Chicago on Facebook]

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